Professional Dominatrix



Foot worship - Including but not limited to;

Sweaty/dirty foot humiliation

Enforced sock/stocking/tights sniffing

Toe sucking

Transformation - Sissyfication and slut make-overs are popular, but I also enjoy hilarious alternatives.

Objectification - This comes in many forms from human furniture to Mistress’s slut-doll, ready for use.

‘Forced’ Bi fantasy - Safe-words are always used. For further information please contact me directly.

Shopping trips and financial slavery - Terms and conditions apply here as I only enjoy these activities with select subs.

Verbal humiliation - I enjoy mild, lady-like patronisation as much as stern and aggressive verbal humiliations.

Chastity training - A specialty of mine, I offer both long and short term key holding.

Forced feeding - Including but not limited to;

Grass, the dirt off my shoes, your own juices, my personal Champagne, baby food, cream cakes, pre-chewed food, spit..hahaha!


For further examples on my more creative methods of humiliation please CLICK HERE for my ‘Creative Humiliation’ blog…


Forms of Humiliation;

Humiliation, laughter, shame, violations and butter wouldn't melt cruelty all in one adorable little package....that is, unless I decide to invite friends along to laugh at your misfortune too?


There are an infinite number of ways to humiliate a deserving male, the imagination can run wild and mine often does…