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My dungeon scenes are so varied, only your imagination could put limits on it. Frequently I am approached with the question, what is your favourite type of scene? …a subjective enquiry for a lady as complex as I. Honestly, this is my calling and I love all BDSM, kink and power exchange games, with very few exceptions. Much like proverbial kid in a very depraved candy shop, I revel in exploring a wide variety of perversions.



For some the idea of real punishment is, well, traditional punishment the way it was originally administered back in the day. A domestic, non-contrived atmosphere, an attractive disciplinarian and one very naughty boy!!

I also offer school scenes with other ‘teachers’ and ‘adult pupils’

for realistic role-playing.



Consensually speaking, I love to bully!! I like the thrill gained by using my beauty as a snare to lure  and tease weaklings until they are smitten, agreeing to do anything to put a smile on my face. It’s the closest you will ever come to pleasing me, so you may as well accept that if you want to be close to me, to keep me happy you must humiliate yourself for my amusement.. It’s the only pleasure you have to give as far as I am concerned - so try not to bore me.




Absolute amateurs are encouraged to come forward and delve into their dark desires, I will be more than happy to take you by the hand (or leash) and guide you through the dark passages of your own mind. Miss can certainly appreciate this may be nerve-wracking first step, and will do her upmost to ensure your mind and body is at ease before we begin.


Well trained, or experienced slaves are always welcomed as are those with strange and unusual Fetishes.


I relish in pushing the limits and boundaries of you loyal and experienced playthings, while perhaps introducing a few seductive games of my own.  


9th - 11th may - LONDON TOUR -  I will be travelling down to London once again, joined by my good friends and business partner Mistress Brown.

I will be offering both solo bookings and double domme experiences with Mistress Brown as well as judicial CP scenes.


During my visit, I will be holding sessions from a private apartment in earls court.


Please contact me directly to book a slot. For contact details click HERE




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